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humidifierAmerican Standard’s family of whole home humidifiers are designed to work hand in hand with your central heating and air conditioning system in order to provide you with an enhanced level of comfort.

During the wintertime and in hot, dry climates, the air inside your home can feel as dry and parched as the desert. That’s why adding moisture to your indoor air can greatly improve your comfort. It’s also beneficial in other ways.

For example, you may be experiencing dry skin and hair, chapped lips, or even itchy eyes and nasal passages. And, your home’s furnishings may be suffering, as well. Dry air absorbs moisture from furniture, wood floors, woodwork, paintings and musical instruments.

The addition of a humidifier is the perfect remedy. American Standard humidifiers are designed to add just the right amount of moisture so you can be comfortable.


Electronic Air filter

aircleanfilterToday’s weather tight homes trap airborne particles inside where everyday household contaminants can become increasingly concentrated. The result: indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors.

An American Standard Perfect FitT air cleaner is attractive and designed to fit in with any of our furnace or air handler cabinet widths. It is also flexible. It can be mounted horizontally, vertically, at the top or at the bottom, depending on the installation requirements. Unlike other air cleaners, it can fit in tight spaces and is available in a variety of sizes. It is made to last, equipped with heavy-duty latches and Air-TiteT construction. It is also easily accessed from the front so that cleaning and maintenance is easy.

Energy efficiency:
Improves the air quality in your home while using less energy than a 40-watt bulb

There are three filtration options.

1) the basic one-inch pleated filter that is six times more effective than a standard throwaway filter;

2) the five-inch media filter that is up to 15 times more effective than a standard throwaway filter; and

3) the electronic model with pre-filter and electronic cell that is up to 40 times more effective than a standard throwaway filter and up to 99% efficient at removing airborne particles like pollen, dust, bacteria, tobacco smoke, cooking smoke, animal hair, and dander.

Whole House Air Filtration System
accucleanIntroducing American Standard AccuCleanT-the most effective air filtration system in the nation, period. It can clean up to an astonishing 99.98% of allergens from the filtered air that your family breathes, so everyone will feel more comfortable, no matter what the season. Just think: With AccuClean, the majority of irritating particles like dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, dust mites, mildew, lint, fungus, most tobacco smoke, cooking grease, even bacteria, will be removed from the filtered air.

Fill your whole house with clean, consistent comfort.
AccuClean is a whole house air cleaner, meaning it works in conjunction with your heating and cooling system to clean up to 99.98% of airborne allergens from filtered air in every room of your home. Compare this to plug-in air cleaners that operate in a single room. To match the effect of a whole house system, you’d have to buy several plug-in cleaners at a cost of $300 to $500 each. Even then, plug-ins are only effective within a certain radius, potentially leaving much of the air in the room unfiltered.

AccuClean delivers unbeatable clean air comfort
– Removes up to 99.98% of allergens from filtered air

– Catches particles down to .3 microns in size

– 8 times more effective than the best HEPA room appliance

– 100 times more effective than a standard 1″ throwaway filter or ionic-type room appliance

– Delivers cleaner air, and more of it

– Reusable filter is easy to vacuum or wash



thermostatThe American Standard line of thermostats uses the latest in microelectronic technology. High-tech design combined with simple programming makes it easy to live with. It automatically changes the temperature to reach the desired setting at the programmed time, and you can program it to fit your individual lifestyle. It truly is one of the easiest to use programmable thermostats available.