Furnace Safety Inspection

$89 Furnace Safety Inspection

Call JG Mechanical today or fill out the simple feedback form below to schedule your $89 furnace safety inspection to make sure your family is safe for the season. You can also have your system cleaned and tuned up for maximum efficiency, or get a price on a new high efficiency system. The new American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Freedom 95 variable two-stage furnace is the most energy efficient gas furnace on the market today. That’s total comfort you can take to the bank.

Before the cooling or heating seasons, it is a good idea to have your system checked out by a JG Mechanical maintenance expert. Regular maintenance will prevent costly repairs and ensure your heating and cooling system is operating safe and efficient.

Ask your JG Mechanical representative about a maintenance agreement. We will check, clean and maintain your heating and cooling system year around to prevent costly unexpected repairs.

If a repair is needed, we send highly trained service professionals with specialized equipment to go over your heating and cooling system piece by piece, making sure that all is correct and safely operating. Our service professionals will take the time to note any abnormalities or concerns and bring them to your attention.

Heating System Tune-up
Heating System Tune-up is a great idea to start off the Colorado Fall and Winter season by having your furnace checked to make sure it is proper operating condition. Click here for a check list of the areas that we cover during the tune-up process.