Planned Service Program

furnaceWhy does J G Mechanical offer a Planned Service Program?

Failure to perform regular maintenance on your homes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system will likely result in stress on its components that will lead to poor performance and costly repairs.

As your local Denver heating and cooling experts, J G Mechanical knows how important your comfort is to you and you family or place of business. We also know periodic maintenance by a skilled J G Mechanical professional staff member can help cut your utility bills, help keep your system running when you really need it, and help your system last longer.


Planned Service ProgramBy keeping your system well maintained and running at peak efficiency, J G Mechanical’s PLANNED SERVICE PROGRAM can help to reduce your heating and cooling bills dramatically.

Our PLANNED SERVICE PROGRAM is a proactive maintenance program for your residential or commercial HVAC system.


Lower Utility Costs

High Utility Costs are always a concern for both commercial or residential customers. With our PLANNED SERVICE PROGRAM for the upcoming season, our professional technicians can locate or identify any issues that may cause a future problem, which can save you money on your Excel energy bill because studies show that regularly scheduled routine maintenance of your system can save up to 20% on cooling and heating costs.

We can often prevent breakdowns or major repairs with simple adjustments or cleaning when needed. If your system does need repair, you can count on your J G Mechanical technician for an honest report and an accurate estimate.

We Recommend PLANNED SERVICE PROGRAM, because we care about your comfort and environment. J G Mechanical’s PLANNED SERVICE PROGRAM is regularly scheduled maintenance calls based on a written agreement between our company and you.

J G Mechanical’s PLANNED SERVICE PROGRAM cost less than you might think. If there’s ever a problem with your equipment, don’t worry.

Best of all, with PLANNED SERVICE PROGRAM, we keep track of when your HVAC heating and cooling equipment needs attention. You’re protected — because we care. We take care of all the maintenance. It’s one less thing for you or your business to be concerned with.

Ask your J G Mechanical professional about a PLANNED SERVICE PROGRAM Today!